Licensing Dogs and Cats

Why should I license my dog?
Dog licensing has been an important part of combating the spread of rabies in the United States. The fee that you pay goes toward helping fund your animal control program and the animal welfare program. The tags your dog wears also acts as an ID for your dog if they ever gets lost and they can be returned home.

When should I license my dog?
After October 15th you can buy a dog license from your town for the next year. The deadline for getting a license is January 1st every year. Everyone is given till January 31st to purchase the license before a late fee is incurred.

How much does it cost to license my dog?
Fee of $6.00 to license your spayed / neutered dog OR
Fee of $11.00 to license your unspayed / un-neutered dog

Do I have to license my Cat?
At this time there are no cat licenses required by state law, but they are required to have a current rabies vaccination. Even if they are an inside only cat. All dogs and cats are required to have current rabies shots that a licensed veterinarian has administered. You can not give you own dog or cat rabies shots.