Historic Details

Incorporated:  June 14, 1949

Mission Statement:  To protect all property in said town from fire and to assist in any other emergency at the discretion of the Chief.

  • Received at the Registry of Deeds on June 25, 1949
  • Recorded in Vol. 5, page 417 by Tessie B. Patten, Register
  • Received and filed at the Office of Secretary of State in Augusta on July 20, 1949 as attested to by Paul A MacDonald, Deputy Secretary of State.
  • Recorded in Vol. 10, page 126

The first Officers and Directors:

  • President:  W. Stanley Reed
  • Vice-President:  Oliver Jordan
  • Secretary:  Edward Higgins
  • Treasurer:  Clifton M. Rich

Directors:  W. Stanley Reed, Oliver Jordan, Edward Higgins, Clifton M. Rich, and three Selectmen – Milton Pomroy, Thomas Kelley, and Archie McEachern

The signatures of the above were notarized by Alice E. Smith, Justice of the Peace on June 14, 1949 and the entire certificate was examined and found to be properly drawn, signed, and conformable to the constitution and laws of the State by John S.S. Fessenden, Asst. Attorney General on June 22, 1949.

2017 Board of Directors and Officers

  •  Pres.- Heath Higgins
  • VP -  Alan Feure  
  • Sec.- Bill Weir    
  • Treas - Jim LaPrade    
  • Chief - Keith Higgins
  • Asst Chief -Tadd Jewett
  • Capt - Heath Higgins
  • Capt - Dudley Poirier
  • Fire Warden - Brad
  • Lieut.- Jim LaPrade
  • Lieut.- Bill Weir
  • Lieut.- Davis Kelley

Keith Higgins , Fire Chief
Tremont Volunteer Fire Department